Call for Submissions

As the global movement in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for liberation continues to grow, we are calling on graphic designers and artists to submit their work to IMAGING APARTHEID: the Poster Project for Palestine.

The submission call is open. There is no deadline. Every few months the Imaging Apartheid committee will pick a couple of new posters to add to the Imaging Apartheid collection. Works will be selected by a jury of artists, graphic designers and social justice activists. The posters will be selected from submissions collected from around the world.

Once selected, the posters will first be silk-screen or offset printed for a launching exhibition in Montreal to be than made available to the Palestinian solidarity movement around the world. The posters will be made available online for free download to be used as a tool for awarness, outreach and/or documentation. The posters will not be used for commercial purposes. For individuals who wish to have a printed copy of any of the selected posters, a silk-screened copy will be available for sell on Justseeds website - All the proceeds will go to support the Imaging Apartheid project based in Montreal. It will mainly cover cost of print, shippment, exhibition, outreach, etc.

Street level art work and design has consistently played a critical role within international solidarity movements throughout the world: from the powerful poster art published by the Black Panthers in the late 1960s; to the striking design work created by artists inspired by the Africa National Congress (ANC) and the global movement against apartheid in South Africa; to poster art created to support the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).

These works help to maintain collective and social memory of past anti-colonial struggles while providing inspiration for current movements fighting for social justice worldwide. Political posters act as the public face for voices that are too often marginalized and have the ability to visualize injustice, bridge gaps and imagine alternatives. IMAGING APARTHEID seeks to engage artists to continue this tradition, and assist in building broad artistic support for the growing political movement in support of Palestinian liberation.

IMAGING APARTHEID takes place within the context of the international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israeli Apartheid called for by over 170 grassroots Palestinian organizations from Palestine and the Diaspora in July 2005.